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a combining form meaning "flower," used in the formation of compound words: anthophore.
[ < Gk, comb. form of ánthos flower]

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antho- /an-tho- or an-thə-/
combining form
Denoting flower
ORIGIN: Gr anthos flower
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anthocarp /anˈthō-kärp/ noun
1. (Gr karpos fruit) a fruit resulting from many flowers, such as the pineapple
2. A fruit of which the perianth or the torus forms part
anthocarpˈous adjective
anˈthochlore /-klōr or-klör/ noun
(Gr chlōros green, yellow) a yellow pigment in flowers
anthocyan /-sīˈən/ or anthocyˈanin noun
(Gr kyanos blue) a glucoside plant pigment, violet in neutral, red in acid, blue in alkaline cell-sap
anˈthoid adjective
(Gr eidos shape) flower-like
antholˈogy noun, etc see separate entry
anthomāˈnia noun
(Gr maniā madness) a craze for flowers
anthomāˈniac noun
Anthonomus /an-thonˈə-məs/ noun
(Gr nomos herbage, food) the genus of the cotton-boll weevil
anthophilous /an-thofˈi-ləs/ adjective
Loving, frequenting or feeding on flowers
anˈthophore /-thō-fōr or -för/ noun (botany)
An elongation of the receptacle between calyx and corolla
anthophyllite /an-thō-filˈīt, or -thə- or sometimes -thofˈ/ noun
(New L anthophyllum clove, from Gr phyllon leaf) an orthorhombic amphibole, usu massive and occurring in metamorphic rocks
anthoxanˈthin noun
(Gr xanthos yellow) a yellow pigment in plants
Anthozōˈa plural noun
(Gr zōia animals) a class of coelenterates including sea anemones, corals, etc

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comb. form of or relating to flowers


from Greek anthos ‘flower’

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